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Our microscope as a vision sensor. It is ultra compact with a width of only 40mm, has the connections GigE as well as USB 3.1 in the variants 5x, 10x, 20x - in monochrome or colour. It is a high quality inverted machine vision microscope.

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Perfectly suited for machine integration. Pathological scanning of slides, microfluidics, flow cytometry, etc. It is programmable with Python, plug-and-play integration with LabVIEW and comes with our OptoViewer 2.0. All from Opto, all from one source.


  • Pure all in one digital microscope
  • Micrometer / pixel Resolution with large FoV
  • High Contrast and Color stability
  • Repeatability of Image
  • Open software architecture
  • Easy machine integration
  • Transmission brightfield integration

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