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Femto Pulse System

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The Agilent Femto Pulse system delivers remarkable sizing and sensitivity to researchers.

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Shatter analytic barriers with pulsed-field capillary electrophoresis. The Agilent Femto Pulse system provides an intuitive platform for researchers to analyze low-concentration, high molecular weight nucleic acid samples quickly and accurately.

Confidently size DNA smears through 165 kb and DNA fragments through 200 kb in approximately one and two hours, respectively. Compared to legacy methods for the analysis of high molecular weight DNA samples, the Femto Pulse completes separations up to 20x faster, accelerating workflows and putting crucial results in the hands of researchers sooner. Additionally, the Femto Pulse provides unmatched sensitivity, detecting DNA fragments down to 5 fg/µL (in-well concentration).

Features & benefits:

  • Femtogram-level sensitivity – Conserve precious sample with up to 10x higher sensitivity for nucleic acid smears, and up to 100x higher sensitivity for nucleic acid fragments compared to other analytical instruments, and 1000x greater sensitivity than PFGE.
  • Streamlined sample preparation – Minimal sample handling reduces the risk for sample degradation or contamination.
  • Large smear resolution – Size DNA smears through 165 Kb in about 1 hour with automated operation and analysis.

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