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EVOC® Probes

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Exogenous volatile organic compound probes (EVOC Probes) enable targeted, non-invasive assessment of biological pathways. Probes are safe, easy to administer compounds that interact with characterised metabolic pathways with relevance to key disease areas. Using Breath Biopsy, EVOC Probes can be monitored non-invasively on breath, either alone or in parallel with biomarker discovery studies.

Owlstone Medical

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Human breath samples can contain up to 1000 different trace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) originating from environmental sources and the body’s own metabolic processes. VOCs on breath are a rich source of biological information with relevance for early disease detection, drug development, precision medicine and treatment monitoring across a wide range of contexts. Breath Biopsy® provides comprehensive solutions for the collection and analysis of compounds on breath.

Exogenous VOCs, those that originate outside the body, are not simply contaminants to be excluded from samples. Many exogenous VOCs interact with disease-relevant metabolic processes in the body and can be applied for targeted monitoring of these processes. Exogenous VOC probes (EVOC® Probes) have been developed to utilize exogenous VOCs for disease detection and monitoring.

Recent work has demonstrated the potential of limonene, found in citrus fruits, as an EVOC Probe for conditions such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and progression to cirrhosis. EVOC Probes may also be relevant for monitoring drug metabolism where a drug and EVOC Probe both interact with the same enzymes. EVOC Probes can be applied as part of larger Breath Biopsy studies and can be analyzed alongside non-targeted biomarker discovery approaches.


  • Targeted measurement of metabolic processes relevant to diseases of interest
  • High sensitivity signal detection offering clearer results
  • Supported by robust biological evidence
  • EVOC Probes are safe compounds, easy to acquire and suitable for clinical approval


Non-invasive breath sample analysis for use in academic, clinical and pharmaceutical research studies including:

  • Early detection of diseases including liver diseases and cancer
  • Superior sensitivity and reliability compared to untargeted approaches
  • Mechanistically guided drug development, treatment monitoring and complementary diagnostics
  • Longitudinal monitoring of exacerbations, acute attacks and relapses

Breath Biopsy Products and Services are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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