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Empyrean Nano Edition - XRD

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Versatile X-ray scattering platform

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The Empyrean Nano edition is a hybrid laboratory X-ray scattering instrument. It uniquely enables for a variety of techniques for the structural characterization of (nano)materials on multiple length scales.

Main applications:

  • SAXS and WAXS: Small-and wide-angle X-ray scattering
  • Bio-SAXS: SAXS on biological macromolecules
  • USAXS: Ultra small-angle X-ray scattering
  • Total scattering: Atomic pair distribution function (PDF) analysis

Several other applications, such as powder diffraction, thin film analysis and CT can be added - also as later upgrades.

The high performance and flexibility of the instrument are driven by a high-resolution goniometer platform, a modular concept and latest detector technology.

(Nano)material analysis on multiple length scales

Like no other lab instrument on the market, the Empyrean Nano edition covers Bragg spacings from sub-Ångströms to micron(s) and a scattering vector q-range spanning over almost five decades - without any gaps.

The combination of USAXS with SAXS/WAXS and PDF measurements on the Empyrean Nano edition uniquely enables for the characterization of hierarchical structures on multiple length scales, covering Bragg spacings from sub-Ångström to micron(s).

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