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Empyrean Alpha 1 - XRD

Malvern PanalyticalAvailable: Worldwide

Unrivalled data quality from a laboratory XRD system

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Empyrean Alpha-1 is configured with a unique symmetric Ge monochromator (Johansson type) giving perfect Cu or Co Kα1-only Bragg-Brentano reflection geometry data for structure determination, with unrivaled resolution, excellent peak symmetry, and ultra-low backgrounds.

Thanks to the PreFIX concept on the tube housing, users can easily swap between Kα1-only configuration to Kα1,2 in a matter of minutes.

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The Empyrean Alpha-1 is a member of Malvern Panalytical’s family of Empyrean X-ray diffraction systems. In the Alpha-1, a unique symmetric Johansson monochromator provides data with unrivalled resolution, excellent peak symmetry, and ultra-low background - perfect for structural analysis needs.

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