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DxA 5000

Lab automation that drives consistent and rapid turnaround time results

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Average Rating 4.9

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Amazing and dependable.


Average Rating 5.0

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Its the best instrument made by Beckman Coulter since the CX7/9.

Review Date: 22 Jul 2020 | Beckman Coulter

Time saving and quick processing.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Pathological sample analysis

Automation solution that helps laboratories meet challenges by driving faster turnaround times, providing a new level of comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection and reducing manual processing steps to improve efficiency.

Review Date: 22 Jul 2020 | Beckman Coulter

Great value for a high-throughput central laboratory setting!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Clinical testing

Enables error free pipetting, expedites the turn around time and helps for high-throughput testing of clinical samples to maintain international quality standards. Improves precision and reproducibility of the results for any given experiment. The ease of use and training given by Beckman Coulter's team is excellent. Automation has helped with the efficient use of human resources.

Review Date: 22 Jul 2020 | Beckman Coulter

Very pleased with the DXA5000 and the overall support provided by Beckman Coulter.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Hospital clinical chemistry laboratory

The implementation of the new Beckman Coulter Dxa 5000 has been a tremendous positive addition to our hospital lab. The efficiencies gained through this modern state of the art technology benefits patient care on a daily basis. The hands on time required by lab staff to monitor the Beckman line has been significantly decreased since the deployment of the DXA5000 thus allowing us to focus on other lab related items.

Review Date: 6 Jul 2020 | Beckman Coulter

The DxA 5000 helps laboratories meet the challenges of today’s highly focused healthcare environment through a collection of patented innovations that deliver rapid and consistent turnaround time, provide a new level of comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection, and reduce the number of manual processing steps to significantly improve laboratory efficiency. Leveraging first-of-its-kind dynamic system software, the DxA 5000 utilizes Intelligent Routing to bring automated patient-centric workflow to the laboratory. By understanding the tests requested, sample volume available and real-time analyzer capacity and status, the DxA 5000 continuously calculates the most expeditious route for every patient sample — both STAT and routine. The DxA 5000 enhances Beckman Coulter’s comprehensive portfolio of scalable solutions and is a key component of its vision to bring workflow automation to laboratories of all sizes.

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