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BioXplorer 400P

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High-pressure bench-top, parallel 4 bioreactor platform

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The BioXplorer 400P is a fully automated, high-pressure, bench-top bioreactor system with four parallel reactors, ideal for discovering and optimizing various bioprocesses, including syngas fermentation and cell-free enzymatic processes. It leverages precise gas control to accelerate processes dependent on dissolved gases. Its flexible configuration and versatile software cater to your specific requirements, providing essential data for faster scaling up.

Pressurized Bioprocessing
The BioXplorer 400P is able to run up to four parallel bioprocesses at up to 10 bar pressure, a unique feature in the field. This pressurized system is vital for optimizing and scaling gas-dependent bioprocesses, with a focus on safety and user-friendliness, such as using multiple gas spargers per reactor to minimize risks. Elevating pressure can enhance yields without compromising functionality and customization.

Configurable System
With its modular design, the BioXplorer 400P offers versatility by accommodating various probes, gas feeds, and liquid feeds to match your specific requirements. This optimization enhances both functionality and user-friendliness while minimizing the need for extensive bench space and cost.

Flexibility to optimize processes
Select relevant probes for tracking diverse physicochemical parameters in bioprocesses yields comprehensive insights. With H.E.L's control software, precise control and responsiveness enable process automation. The BioXplorer 400P can operate up to four bioreactors in parallel or independently, reducing bioprocess optimization time.

Key applications:

  • Gas dependant bioprocesses
  • Production of high value products

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