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BD 600

The BD 600 is a respirometric system for the determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Accurate, automatic and direct control of your wastewater samples


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The BD 600 is a complete system for the precise measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand. The system is a Manometric Respirometer, which relates oxygen uptake to the change in pressure caused by oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant volume. Modern integral pressure sensors have removed the need to use mercury for the measurements. The BD 600 can be programmed for 1 – 28 days measurement period dependent on your needs and is very user-friendly.

  • Minimal instrument setup requirements
  • Easy analysis start sequence all on one screen
  • Reagents and glassware included
  • USB and SD card connection for data transfer
  • 0-4000 mg/l without dilution
  • 1 to 28 day measurement period
  • Display up to 3 BOD curves on screen
  • Compliance: APHA; AWWA; WEF; Standard Methods 5210 D; OECD 301F, 301C, 302C
  • 6 sample system or 12 sample system
  • Incubator required for constant 20°C conditions for duration of test – see below our range of Laboratory incubators for more information

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