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Azure 200 Gel Imaging System

Gel Imaging Workstation

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The Azure 200 is a simple, touch screen based gel documentation system. The Azure 200 is designed for UV, color imaging, blue-excited DNA dyes, and Coomassie gel imaging. No Focusing Regardless of the size of your gel, all images are in focus without needing to adjust the focus. No Positioning No matter where you place the sample in the imager, we will capture it!

Automatic Imaging Select the application and it will choose the light sources and filters for you. Fully Upgradeable The Azure 200 can be easily upgraded at a later time to accommodate additional applications. Also included is AzureSpot, an easy-to-use imaging software package for imaging single or multicolor blots and DNA and protein gels. The software comes with a software tutorial for easy training of new users.

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