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AxiChrom™ chromatography columns

Cytiva29016534Available: Worldwide

Axichrom columns offer automated column packing for fast start-up, reproducible results and maximized uptime. Available from 50 mm to 2000 mm inner diameter. 

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AxiChrom™ columns are low-pressure, axial compression chromatography columns for use during process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products.


  • Scalable from 50 mm to 1600 mm inner diameter. Larger custom sizes are available.
  • Intelligent Packing, a feature of the UNICORN™ control software, enables the automated column packing and delivers verified methods and simplified workflows. Optimized for modern chromatography resins, like Capto™ and MabSelect™ families.
  • Seamlessly designed to work with ÄKTA avant™, ÄKTA pilot 600™ and ÄKTA process™ chromatography systems.
  • Design enabling easy sanitization with materials recognized for use in GMP environments.
  • Wetted and pressure-retaining parts are traceable and polymers are approved according to USP class VI, 21 CFR 177 and Animal free origin or in compliance with EMEA/410/ Supported with IQ/OQ documentation packages.

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