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Avantor® Hichrom GC Columns

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Choose from a wide variety of bonded phases including some new novel phases for your toughest separations

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Gas chromatography employs a partition between a gas phase and a functionalized immobilized liquid phase to achieve separation. Owing to the length of the capillary columns, high resolution can be achieved. GC is used across a range of industries in many different application areas, from the analysis of fragrances and flavours, to the quantification of residual solvents in pharmaceuticals.
Owing to this broad application range, we offer over 50 different phases. This allows you to have access to the widest range of chemistries on the market, with all you need to achieve the desired separation of your mixture. In addition to our standard phases, we offer specially developed unique phases, which have been designed and developed to solve specific GC separation problems and give superior performance to other products on the market.

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