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Avantor® ACE® Excel Columns

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Designed to take advantage of low dispersion, ultra-high pressure UHPLC instruments, Avantor® ACE® Excel UHPLC columns give chromatographers more choices to achieve better results

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High Efficiency 2 µm and 1.7 µm Particles Selectivity is unchanged from the 3 µm, 5 µm and 10 µm ACE HPLC phases. Excellent peak shape, reliable column-to-column reproducibility and exceptional column stability is available to UHPLC users with ACE Excel UHPLC columns. A comparison of efficiency (N/m, plates per metre) vs. flow rate for different ACE particle sizes 250000 200000 150000 N/m 100000 50000 0 0 Column: 50 x 2.1 mm HSC High Stability Columns ACE Excel columns are manufactured using a proprietary HSC (High Stability Column) manufacturing process that results in ultrarobust UHPLC columns. 0.5 ACE Excel 1.7 SuperC18 ACE Excel 2 SuperC18 ACE Excel 3 SuperC18 ACE Excel 5 SuperC18 1 1.5 Flow (mL/min) 2 2.5‒ Each particle size has an optimum flow rate (linear velocity) at which it shows highest efficiency (N). ‒ Smaller particles have a high optimum flow rate than larger particles and also have a broader optimum flow rate range than larger particles. Optimized UHPLC Hardware ACE Excel columns utilise specially designed low dispersion hardware which enables high efficiency UHPLC separations up to a maximum pressure limit of 1,000 bar (15,000 psi).

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