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Anti-DNA-RNA Hybrid Antibody

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Hybrid S9.6 


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Great result!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analysed RNA-DNA hybrids on telomeres

We tested the S9.6 Abs in two applications: dot-blot and immunofluorescence staining, including a combination with telomere FISH. We used all the required control and were very happy with the quality and specificity of these Abs. No signal with ssDNA, ssRNA, DsRNA or dsRNA. We also verified elimination of signal by RNAse H. Very clean data. Works perfectly.

Review Date: 21 Jul 2017 | Kerafast

Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Immunoprecipitation of DNA:RNA hybrids

The product arrived in good shape. We aliquoted it and kept at -20 degrees. The antibody worked well and gave expected results on positive and negative controls.

Review Date: 19 Mar 2015 | Kerafast

This mouse monoclonal antibody was generated against a ΦX174 bacteriophage-derived synthetic DNA–RNA antigen and recognizes RNA-DNA hybrids of various lengths.


  • High specificity and affinity for DNA-RNA hybrids.
  • Useful in the detection of R-loops.
  • Does NOT cross-react with single-stranded DNA or double-stranded DNA and RNA.
  • High affinity binding shown for hybrids of 8, 10, 15, and 23 base pairs in length.

DNA-RNA hybrids are a natural occurrence within eukaryotic cells, with levels of these hybrids increasing at sites with high transcriptional activity, such as during transcription initiation, repression, and elongation. Because RNA-DNA hybrids influence genomic instability, the S9.6 antibody is a useful reagent to help study the consequences of R-loops and lesions formed by these hybrids during DNA replication or other cellular processes. In addition, the S9.6 antibody is effective in recognizing RNA-DNA hybridization for microarray studies.

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