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Agilent 1260 Infinity II GPC/SEC System

Agilent TechnologiesAvailable: Worldwide

The 1260 Infinity II GPC/SEC System is designed to meet the challenges faced by today’s polymer analysis. This versatile size exclusion chromatography (SEC) and gel permeation chromatography (GPC) system provides accuracy and high performance.

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Once you become familiar with the software, you’ll find it one of the best!


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Determination of polymer molecular weight

Customer service is amazing (from quite to installation and further maintenance/support)! Price is reasonable, there are options with additional detectors to be installed. My favorite GPC on the market.

Review Date: 24 Sept 2021 | Agilent Technologies

User friendly. Multiple modes, less cost.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Pharmaceuticals and intermediates

It is easy to operate and can be used for multiple purposes like molecular weight determination and as reverse phase HPLC by using light scattering detector for GPC & UV & RI for regular HPLC analysis. It is less costly than others.

Review Date: 28 Jan 2016 | Agilent Technologies

The system includes a 1260 Infinity II Vialsampler for higher unattended sample throughput and a 1260 Infinity II GPC/SEC Column Thermostat for accurate temperature control and high column capacity for in-row column connection. The 1260 Infinity II Isocratic Pump achieves extra flow precision, and the 1260 Infinity II Refractive Index Detector gives precise results from your GPC/SEC instrument. Additional GPC/SEC special detection capabilities like multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detectors or viscometry can be added for flexibility.


  • Robustness: GPC/SEC instrument handles even the most challenging experimental conditions and solvents used in GPC/SEC applications and workflows
  • Accuracy: Repeatable, consistent molecular weight distributions ensure higher-quality data
  • Powerful data analysis: Comprehensive, dedicated WinGPC Software or the GPC/SEC Software for OpenLab CDS provides instrument control, data collection, and polymer analysis
  • Advanced detectors: Adding optional light scattering and/or viscometry detection enables more information about polymer size and configuration
  • High performance: Rapid system stability considerably increases sample throughput
  • Your choice for performance and sustainability: Independently audited for environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, received My Green Lab’s ACT (Accountability, Consistency, Transparency) label

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