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Advanta™ IO Gene Expression Panel

Standard BioTools Inc.101-7678Available: Worldwide

Reveal the molecular signatures of tumor immune responses

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The Advanta™ IO Gene Expression Assay is a qPCR assay for expression of 170 genes that enables profiling of tumor immunobiology and new biomarker identification. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of human checkpoint research programs, the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay includes 91 key markers of tumor immune response that were shown in a multicenter international clinical trial to inform tumor progression and checkpoint therapeutic response. Working with researchers in the biopharmaceutical industry, we further expanded the panel to include 74 additional immuno-oncology markers.

The two-panel set includes genes for identification and functional analysis of immune and cancer cells, including markers found in defined T cell subsets, cytokines and chemokines and markers of immune regulation and immune cell fate. The Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay is a key component of a complete workflow from sample to data supporting your research in tumor immune response.

  • Optimized—Screen high-value markers of the tumor immune response.
  • Flexible—Easily add new markers over time, customizing for your own research needs.
  • Efficient—Run 24 to 96 samples at a time using the robust Biomark™ HD automated qPCR system.

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