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Adalimumab Total Anti-drug ELISA (IDKmonitor®)

BIOHIT HealthCare Ltd (UK)K9651 (96 wells)Available: ,Other

Determination of total anti-adalimumab antibodies Adalimumab is a recombinant protein used to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This protein can induce humoral immune responses and lead to anti-drug antibody formation, a major cause of loss of drug response. The IDKmonitor Adalimumab Total Anti-drug ELISA kit is a ‘drug tolerant’ assay that enables the detection of anti-drug antibodies in the presence of circulating dru…

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The assay is widely available throughout the UK and Ireland to both routine clinical laboratories as well as for research applications.

This kit is supported by UK publications and evidence base.

Key Advantages

  • Supports the investigation of primary non-response and loss of response to adalimumab
  • Highly sensitive drug tolerant assay that detects total anti-adalimumab antibodies (those free and bound to adalimumab)
  • May help to predict long term outcome of disease
  • Identifies patients with low-titre anti-adalimumab antibodies
  • Applicable to both gastroenterology and rheumatology
  • Automatable on ELISA automates (e.g. Dynex D2)


  • 45 tests
  • Storage: 2-8 °C
  • Blood sample

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