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Abby™ is the next generation chemiluminescence western protein analyzer. She automates protein size separation and immunodetection while delivering analyzed results of 24 samples in 3 hours. Abby saves the time spent in the lab carrying out traditional Western blot steps such as antibody additions, incubations, and washes. She delivers picogram-level sensitivity through chemiluminescence detection and workflow automation.


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Average Rating 4.7

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Average Rating 4.7

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Protein Analyzer

Effectiveness: It is a very good efficient design and it's the best analyzer at the service level ease of use: It's a good design and easy to understand the values from the screen. After-sales care: every parts are in good level condition

Review Date: 24 Mar 2022 | Bio-Techne

Size-based automated capillary Western blot assays
Up to 25 samples
Includes RePlex™

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