Product News: Yale University and Leica Microsystems Partner to Establish Microscopy Center of Excellence

30 Sep 2014

Yale Welcomes Scientists to Participate in Core Facility Opening and Super-Resolution Workshops October 20 Through 31, 2014

On Monday, October 20, 2014, Yale University West Campus will open the doors to a new microscopy Center of Excellence made possible through a partnership with Leica Microsystems. Housed in a newly created core facility, the Leica Center of Excellence at Yale West Campus will provide scientists with access to cutting-edge imaging tools to resolve sub-cellular structures and forward scientific discoveries. This relationship will afford researchers access to expert technical and applications support, along with instrumentation which Leica Microsystems will continuously update with the latest technology. In addition, Yale and Leica Microsystems will collaborate in the development of novel imaging technologies.

Through this partnership, Leica Microsystems gains access to world-class scientists and the latest developments in research applications. Yale and Leica Microsystems will work together to test prototype products and share ideas on how to improve imaging workflows. “We are extremely excited to embark on this journey of discovery with Yale University as our first such partnership in the USA,” said Doug Reed, General Manager of Leica Microsystems North America. “This cooperation will provide some of the best scientific minds access to imaging tools previously out of reach, plus allow Leica Microsystems ready access to new ideas from outstanding scientific leaders, which will be used to guide development of tomorrow’s innovations.”

“It is electrifying to see our two organizations establish this world-class resource. Not only is this partnership aligned with our mission at West Campus of advancing research through innovative collaboration, it also ensures that current top-flight imaging technology is always within reach to all at Yale”, says Christopher Incarvito, Ph.D. and Director of Research Operations & Technology at Yale University’s West Campus.

Dr. Incarvito invites scientists to take part in the Opening Ceremonies kicking off October 20, 2014 and continuing October 21, 2014. These two days will feature scientific, applications and technology talks, round table discussions and a keynote address from Joerg Bewersdorf Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cell Biology and of Biomedical Engineering at the Yale School of Medicine. Then, through October 31, 2014, Leica Microsystems will be hosting a super-resolution workshop with free access and sample preparation guidance using GSDIM and STED technologies. On campus, Yale University scientists also are invited for preparatory morning seminars on sample preparation October 7 to 8, 2014. Interested parties can register through the company website link below.

“This is just the beginning of what we feel will be a long and discovery-filled relationship between Leica Microsystems and Yale,” said Doug Reed, “we cannot wait to get started and invite all interested scientists to attend!”

Image caption: Yale West Campus is organized into research institutes and core facilities — all designed to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue.