Product News: Ultra Low Retention Pipette Tips

04 Oct 2011

BrandTech Scientific has introduced a new range of Brand Ultra Low Retention tips which feature a patented surface treatment that makes them extremely liquid repellent. They reduce sample loss and reagent waste during pipeting.

The patented physiochemical process does not use coatings that might lead to sample contamination. The resulting surface is highly homogeneous and free of defect sites, preventing nonspecific binding. These ultra-hydrophobic tips are ideal for biological samples that contain detergents.

They have high chemical resistance, are well suited for working with solvents, and are autoclavable. Available in nano-cap™, ultra-micro, 200µL, 300µL, 1000µL and 1250µL, non-sterile, BIO-CERT® sterile and Filter tipBIO-CERT® sterile versions. BIO-CERT® sterile tips are certified free of DNA, RNase, ATP and pyrogens to preserve sample integrity.