Product News: Tiny crystals, big data

New modules for Technobis’s crystallization platform enable scientists to perform vapor diffusion and evaporation crystallization screening

16 Aug 2022

Crystallization technology provider Technobis Crystallization Systems has launched two new modules for the CrystalBreeder®, a multi-reactor crystallization platform for medium throughput solid-state research. Scientists can now carry out vapor diffusion and evaporation crystallization screening, which are more advanced processes that involve carefully controlling vacuum pressures, temperatures, and overhead stirring speeds to obtain X-ray quality single crystals for structural determination of the API. 

Learn more about the CrystalBreeder®, including applications and customer reviews here.

A scientists using the Crystalbreeder by Technobis Crystallization Systems

Doing more, with less

With ongoing supply chain disruptions and increased pressure on drug developers to deliver innovative products, scientists often only have access to small amounts of material. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are complex and scientists must use multiple screening methods to understand the polymorphic landscapes.

Technobis Crystallization Systems has designed these new modules with versatility in mind. The two modules sit on top of the bench-top apparatus to keep the equipment compact. Scientists can control the temperature, sampling rates, and stir speeds for all disposable block reactors using the software. They can generate accurate temperature-dependent solubility curves in hours, rather than days, using as little as 1 mg of material. Furthermore, the shape of the reactor vial mimics that of traditional NMR tubes, which are ideal vessels for growing crystals.

Download the product sheet here for more information on key features.

A scinetist removing a sample from the Crystalbreeder by Technobis Crystallization Systems

Three key improvements:

  • Offers more versatility, for multiple crystallization modes
  • Ability to obtain X-ray quality single crystals
  • Automated, simple, reproducible

Upgrading your crystallization workflow to take advantage of automated benchtop analytical equipment will help scientists save time and resources while promoting productivity elsewhere in the laboratory. Other Technobis products include the Crystal16 and Crystalline PV/RR. To view these products, head over to the company profile on the SelectScience website.

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