Product News: The novelty in Tecan's reagents portfolio

One single kit to quickly and reliably determine 18 different and clinically relevant steroids with only one extraction process.

23 Jun 2022

Benefit with the Steroid Panel LC-MS Kit*
LC-MS/MS is considered the gold standard in the determination of steroid hormones due to its high sensitivity.

Key benefits:

  • Steroid kit, CE-IVDD
  • 18 steroid hormones
  • 2 chromatographic runs (guarantees the best possible performance of all analytes)
  • Only one sample preparation with 96-well SPE-plate
  • Manual or automated sample preparation possible (e.g. Tecan Resolvex® A200)
  • All standards in one mix
  • Individual isotopic standard for each analyte 
  • Total runtime (LC-MS): 10 min for 15 steroids, second injection for another 3 analytes in 6 min runtime

Steroid Panel LC-MS helps diagnose and monitor patients requiring measurement of the relevant steroid hormones.

Allows fast, accurate, and reliable measurement of steroid levels to assess:

  • Suspected or confirmed endocrine disorders and neoplasms 
  • Relevant steroid markers for fertility

Helps clinicians:

  • Understand perturbations in the metabolism of steroids
  • Identify underlying diseases or conditions
  • Direct therapies

*Product and solution may not be available in all territories. Please consult your local TECAN office for more information. In USA the Steroid Panel LC-MS is For Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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