Product News: The Eppendorf microcentrifuge with macropossibilities

02 Sep 2008

Eppendorf’s new 30-place Centrifuge 5430 spins at up to 30,130 x g and accommodates virtually any tube or plate in eight different rotors, yet its footprint is highly compact.

Mehran Khajooei, Product Manager, Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, comments, 'The new Centrifuge 5430 combines state-of-the-art features with ease of use, offering a wide choice of rotors, low loading height of only 25 cm, and an ergonomically structured control panel. The simple, intuitive menu guide is easy to read on the large backlit LC display and up to 50 routine programs can be stored. Centrifuge 5430 is ideal for laboratories using both tubes and plates, especially considering the 30,130 x g rating and the small footprint – only 33 x 42 cm.'

Centrifuge 5430 is the world’s first microcentrifuge offering the option to use a swing-bucket rotor for spinning MTP and PCR plates, and with seven other rotor options, Centrifuge 5430 is brilliantly versatile, whatever type of tubes researchers use in their applications. The high speed rotor produces a g-force of up to 30,130 x g, saving centrifugation time prior to performing PCR/qPCR or ELISA assays.

The aerosol-tight standard rotor improves safety and peace of mind, while rotor options cover tubes from 0.2 ml up to 50 ml, including CryoTubes® and Falcon® tubes; microtest plates, Deepwell plates (200 or 500 µl) and slides; and a Kit rotor for open spin columns.