Product News: State-of-the-Art Incubation at ARABLAB

19 Mar 2012

This year Binder will present its range of products at the international laboratory trade show ARABLAB 2012 from March 26-29th. Attendees have the opportunity to see the state-of-the-art CO2/O2 incubator, CB 150, with ANTI.PLENUM design at booth 528.

The CB 150 with a deep-drawn inner chamber reduces the amount of contamination prone surface in the culture chamber by eliminating large-surface air ducts, shelf fixtures, ventilators and countless screws and bolts. Conventional CO2 incubators may carry over 3m2 of surface. All BINDER CO2 incubators have the unique ANTI.PLENUM design and are equipped with the accepted 180°C hot air sterilization routine. Initialized by the touch of a button this routine is reliable and produces excellent decontamination results. In combination with the ANTI.PLENUM design BINDER CO2 incubators set very high standards for cell and tissue cultures.

Additional highlights at booth 528 will include the new ULTRA.GUARDTM -86°C ultra low temperature freezer which maximizes process safety and user convenience. The new KT 115, a cooled incubator with innovative Peltier technology, is also introduced. The KBF P 720 constant climate chamber with illumination for tests according to ICH guidelines and the MKF 240 environmental simulation chamber for alternating climate profiles are also presented. At the BINDER booth, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about leading-edge products and the newest technologies for various areas of application such as tissue engineering, sample storage, microbiology, food safety and industrial material testing.