Product News: SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Probes A Breakthrough Solution Enabling Gene Expression Analysis and Live Cell Sorting

22 Mar 2013

Get a first-hand introduction to EMD Millipore's groundbreaking SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Probes at AACR. SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Probes, allow the detection of RNA expression in live, intact cells with only a single incubation step.

This novel reagent technology allows researchers to detect gene expression in live, intact cells - overcoming the limitations of lysed or fixed cell populations and yielding more physiologically relevant information. The probes eliminate laborious sample preparation while offering the new ability to track changes in RNA over time, allowing researchers to explore more meaningful links between genotype and phenotype.

SmartFlare™ RNA detection probes offer:
• Identification of cell types and cell sorting based on RNA expression levels without transfection reagents or intrusive sample preparation
• A single incubation step using inert nanoparticle technology to specifically detect native RNA
• Ability to use the same cells in downstream assays

EMD Millipore will be introducing the SmartFlare™ probes in the Exhibitor Spotlight Theater on Tuesday, April 9 at 12:30 PM, as well as giving seminars on RNA and miRNA expression in booth #538 at various times Sunday, April 7 through Wednesday, April 10.