Product News: Rapid Adoption of NovoCyte Flow Cytometer Results in Surge of Publications: Searchable Library Now Available Online

ACEA Biosciences goes live with exhaustive library of NovoCyte papers spanning dozens of different applications

05 Feb 2018

With the 2014 release of its NovoCyte flow cytometer ACEA Biosciences delivered a highly innovative instrument at an extremely competitive price point.  In the ensuing three years features such as automated fluidics protocols, a highly flexible and upgradable optical platform, autosampling, direct volumetric cell counting, and the industry leading NovoExpress software have enabled the NovoCyte to quickly gain broad market penetrance.  These instruments are now being used for diverse applications in hundreds of academic, government, industrial, and CRO laboratories worldwide.  Due to NovoCyte’s phenomenal rate of adoption, a steady flow of peer-reviewed research articles employing this instrument are now being published.

As a tool for viewing these real world examples of NovoCyte’s utility for specific applications, today ACEA launched a comprehensive and searchable online library.  “This collection of publications, which can be queried based on application, will help prospective and existing NovoCyte users readily find information and protocols,” stated Rene Nunez, ACEA’s Associate Director of Marketing.  View the new library here.