Product News: PlasmaQuant® MS — HD Quadrupole Provides Superior Mass Separation

Analytic Jena’s PlasmaQuant® MS allows measurement of more than 75 elements

06 May 2016

The high-definition quadrupole mass analyzer of ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS offers the ability to quickly and accurately measure more than 75 elements at concentrations ranging from ultra-trace to major levels in a single measurement. The HD Quadrupole separates the positively-charged analyte ions produced in the plasma according to their mass-to-charge ratio.

With true 3 MHz performance, the HD Quadrupole of the PlasmaQuant® MS provides superior mass separation. This allows for an abundance sensitivity of <3x10-8cps from 238U on mass 237, a crucial parameter for isotope ratio measurements. The combination of high sensitivity and ultra-fast dwell times down to 50 µs means the PlasmaQuant® MS is also the perfect instrument for laser ablation and single particle analysis.

  • True 3 MHz quadrupole provides superior mass separation
  • Exceptional abundance sensitivity performance
  • Isotope ratio precision of <0.07 %
  • Maintenance-free