Product News: PlasmaQuant® MS – Eco Plasma from Analytik Jena Sets a New Benchmark in ICP-MS

Analytik Jena extends its portfolio with a new ICP-MS

06 Jun 2016

With the introduction of the PlasmaQuant® MS, Analytik Jena has extended its portfolio with an ICP-MS. The newly developed mass spectrometer with patented solid-state RF generator for plasma generation sets a new industry standard in inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The highly efficient RF generator produces a robust, balanced plasma with an argon consumption rate of less than 10 L/min plasma coolant gas. Effectively reducing argon consumption by half compared to conventional ICP-MS in the market.

The powerful plasma of the PlasmaQuant® MS is ideal for the analysis of liquid samples, although its strength is shown in the analysis of single particles or dry aerosol. For example, in combination with Laser Ablation sample introduction.

The new Eco Plasma conserves resources and reduces running costs without sacrificing the performance of the ICP-MS.

  • Free running 27 MHz solid-state generator
  • Neutral plasma for low kinetic energy spread of the analyte ions
  • Robust plasma performance with 50 % less argon consumption
  • Efficient decomposition and ionization of high solid matrices
  • Variable plasma power, between 0.3 and 1.6 kW
  • Handles organic matrices without changing the torch configuration
  • Aerosol dilution option for high matrix samples