Product News: PerkinElmer’s Chromatography Instruments Integrate with Agilent’s EZChrom Elite Data Collection Analysis & Reporting System

04 Dec 2012

WHAT:The EZChrom Elite™ driver system is a unified computing strategy engineered by PerkinElmer® that seamlessly integrates with their high performance liquid and gas chromatography instruments. Designed to provide a uniform user interface for analytical laboratories, this new capability can perform instrument control and data collection, data analysis and centralized reporting from a variety of instruments, now including the Flexar™ LC and Clarus® GC systems.

WHY: Agilent’s® EZChrom Elite™ is one of the most widely deployed chromatography data systems (CDS) in the industry. Now that PerkinElmer has developed compatibility with this system, users have more flexibility, choice and access to high quality, reliable hardware with one consistent operating system.
APPLICATIONS:Environmental contaminant testing:
  • Soil
  • Water
Purity analysis:
  • Food quality and safety
  • Pharmaceutical production

WHAT IT DOES:This chromatography data system (CDS) performs two noteworthy operations:
  1. Specific ‘drivers’ work with the software to allow for instrument control.
    • Example: A lab user can operate the detector in a GC or LC instrument using the EZChrom program instead of directly controlling the instrument.
  2. EZChrom Elite™ monitors feedback from components in PerkinElmer Flexar or Clarus hardware, such as data from the detector or feedback on how much pressure is in the pump.

THE BENEFITS:Ease of one system – The EZChrom drivers seamlessly integrate with PerkinElmer Flexar and Clarus chromatography systems, giving users more flexibility and choice of hardware with a unified software platform.

A consistent and reliable workflow - Operators can avoid unnecessary training on new CDS if they transfer between labs. EZChrom drivers can eliminate this type of interruption to workflow.

Better data management - For Clarus GC users in regulated and non-regulated labs, the EZChrom driver helps streamline workflows and simplifies the management of large volumes of data.

COMPATABILITY:  PerkinElmer Chromatography Instruments are compatible with:
Software Solutions
Agilent® EZChrom Elite™ (LC, GC)
Waters ®Empower (GC)
TotalChrom® (LC,GC)
Chromera® (LC)