Product News: PerkinElmer Introduces Expanded Reagent, Imaging, and Detection System Offerings for Advancing Research and Discovery at the American Society of Cell Biology

11 Dec 2009

PerkinElmer, Inc. announces the introduction of a wide range of new tools to improve the speed and effectiveness of life sciences research. These new products offer a higher degree of sensitivity, precision, and ease of use that allow for more physiologically relevant results in researching several diseases including cancer, inflammatory, and neurodegenerative disorders.

"PerkinElmer continues to play an integral part at the American Society of Cell Biology's annual conference by offering a range of solutions for cell signal transduction," said Richard M. Eglen, PhD, president, Bio-discovery, PerkinElmer. "This year we are introducing several new tools to study cell pathways, including many novel cellular and biochemical assays, 3D live cell imaging and innovative data management software, and a new ultra-sensitive luminescent plate reader. All of these tools enable scientists to improve the speed and efficiency of their research."

The new technologies featured at PerkinElmer's American Society of Cell Biology Conference (Booth No. 1121) include:

  • 22 New AlphaScreen(R)SureFire(R) assays - to detect endogenous cellular kinases with "No Wash" cellular kinase and signaling pathway kits.
  • 24 NewAlphaLISA(R) "No Wash" Immunoassay kits - for biomarker detection including non-human targets with four new mouse-specific kits.
  • 18 NewGPCR ready-to-use frozen cell lines - expanding the Company's portfolio to more than 64 validated cell lines targeted at a wide range of key disease states.
  • 7 NewLANCE(R) Ultra TR-FRET assay products - increasing the number of kinases that can be tested to over 300.
  • 12 New3H and 125I radioligands - increasing our portfolio to over 1,000 NEN(R) radiochemicals.
  • Newneolite(TM) reporter gene assay - providing increased sensitivity and extended luminescence read time.
  • NewTSA(TM) Plus biotin kits - increasing sensitivity of histo- and cytochemistry as much as 10 to 20 times.
  • NewVolocity(R) 5.3 - offering real time 3D imaging that displays fully rendered 3D results as they are acquired. Volocity Acquisition has improved hardware control and increased options for experimental design, increasing its power and flexibility.
  • NewEnSpire(TM) Multilabel Plate Reader with ultra-sensitive luminescence and temperature control- delivering high performance detection and easy to use software in an affordable platform adaptable for any size laboratory.
  • JANUS(R) Automated Workstation - an automated liquid handling platform providing real-time and future adaptability in throughput, plate capacity and dynamic volume range. It is easy to use and flexible to support a wide array of application needs.
  • MicroBeta2(TM) Plate Counters - combining liquid scintillation counting reliability and luminescence detection with plate reader simplicity to save time, consumables and reduce waste.
  • UltraVIEW(R) VoX 3D Live Cell Imaging System - the only 3D spinning disk system offering integrated image acquisition to analysis for multiple applications.
  • Operetta(TM) Compact High Content Screening System- the first high content screening (HCS) system with an entirely workflow designed user interface.
  • Columbus(TM) Image Data Management System- the latest edition of this high volume image data management and analysis solution provides users with faster interfacing between their images and data management, and is fully web-enabled - making it usable without software installation.