Product News: New GeneSys software makes imaging chemi blots a breeze

Capturing chemi blot images is tricky, which is why Syngene have redesigned their GeneSys software for G:Box Chemi systems

07 Apr 2020

G:BOX Chemi XX6 by Syngene

Using the awesome imaging combo of Sysgene's GeneSys software and G:Box Chemi systems, you can automate your chemi workflow to get great results without all the hassle.

The new GeneSys software offers: 

  • Flexibility: four different chemiluminescence capture methods allow one-click ChemiRapid multiple image capture with signal accumulation calculator (SAC), single image capture and series capture
  • Simplicity: the SAC feature automatically captures cumulative chemi images so you can choose the best balance of signal to background
  • Speed: you can do a quick image capture with ChemiRapid by just simply shutting the door
  • Enhancement: smooth out unwanted background using the new enhanced image feature to see and analyze even low signal bands

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