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Product News: Miltenyi Biotec Introduces Next Level of Fully-Automated High-Content Imaging

03 Apr 2019

Miltenyi Biotec, has introduced its new platform for fully automated, ultrahigh-content imaging at the AACR Annual Meeting 2019 in Atlanta, USA: the MACSima Imaging Platform.

The benchtop instrument performs a fully automated iterative fluorescent staining, imaging, and signal erasing process, using multiple fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies per cycle. A harmonized portfolio including Miltenyi Biotec’s range of validated antibodies, e.g., REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies, specifically designed disposables, and the MACSima™ Software ensure a failure-free automated process. Resulting image stacks can then be analyzed on the fly, even when the iterative process is still running. Basic and biomedical research, specifically drug-target and biomarker discovery as well as deep phenotyping, will be the major fields of application. Based on a revolutionary technology, this platform enables the simultaneous analysis of an unprecedented number of markers in a single sample, even on a desired sample area. Various fixed sample types can be used as starting material.

 “Using the MACSima™ Imaging Platform, it is now possible to stain and analyze hundreds of markers on a single sample, whereas so far, researchers were limited to only a few markers. Imagine a situation where you have only three pieces of a large puzzle. The new MACSima™ Platform enables you to get all the missing pieces so you can understand the whole picture”, states Dr. Andreas Bosio, Head of Miltenyi Biotec´s Imaging Development Program. 

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