Product News: Miele launches new glassware washers designed to meet extraordinary safety and sanitation standards

Miele has added six new glassware washers to a portfolio that promises to meet the stringent safety and sanitary demands of productive laboratories

08 Apr 2020

Miele, a global leader in laboratory glassware washers, recently unveiled six new models for North America that offer maximum cleanliness, reliability, consistency and flexibility to meet stringent safety and sanitary demands of productive laboratories. Offering lab professionals fast and effective reprocessing of contaminated glassware and equipment, the new models from Miele include a plug & play, 115V under-counter washer (PLW 8505), as well as a medium chamber washer (PLW 6111; two configurations) and a large chamber washer (PLW 86 Series; three configurations). 

The full portfolio of laboratory glassware washers from Miele are ideally suited for service in labs dedicated to clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, specialty and petrochemicals, water and wastewater treatment, environmental testing, general industrial, education and medical research.

“Laboratory glassware washers are mission critical for the important work happening at the forefront of medicine, life and environmental sciences and research facilities across the country,” said Glenn Liacouras, Professional Regional Director, Miele North America. “Miele Professional continues to enhance our entire lab portfolio because we understand that glassware is a critical and significant investment for laboratories. We’re leveraging award winning design principles to help ensure that glassware is not only cleaned properly, but that the resources required to protect essential lab tools are minimized.”

Each model suits different needs, and Miele lab washers offer efficient chamber sizes within a compact footprint. The flexibility of each machine is supported by intelligent controls and programmable cycles to clean most residues. Miele racks, baskets and accessories also enhance productive and effective wash cycles. The new models complement the popular Miele Flex Series PG 8583 Undercounter Lab Washer, which recently received the premier eco-nutrition label for laboratory products which emphasizes Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging and end-of-life. 

The new laboratory glassware washers range in size and function. Model highlights include: 

8505 Miele Lab Glassware Washer

Miele PLW 8505 (115V) Laboratory Glassware Washer:

  • Ideal for classroom labs in schools, water treatment plants or any lab currently washing by hand
  • Offers everyday reliable cleaning performance in an undercounter design, 23 5/8” wide
  • Perf./cycle: 39 narrow-neck/lab glassware with injectors
  • Simple to operate with LED color display and Touch-onGlass
  • Includes a steam condenser, stainless steel interior and two integrated dispensing pumps
  • Features a sturdy drop-down glass window door that allows observation of the wash chamber when in operation
  • Hygienic 1.4404/316L stainless quality chamber
  • A lower level injector basket offers a total of 39 injectors ideal for cleaning narrow-necked glassware
  • Also available with an optional upper basket to cover all glassware washing needs without any additional inserts to switch out. 
PLW 611 Miele Lab Glassware Washer

 Miele PLW 6111 SlimLine Lab Washer:

  • Offers comprehensive and systematic solutions to the reprocessing of laboratory glassware for analytical experiments
  • Compact SlimLine design: just 23 3/8’’ wide, fits the smallest of spaces while ensuring a high capacity
  • Performance/cycle 126 narrow-neck glasses or 121 pipettes – 7.42 (210) l capacity
  • Flexibility offered by innovative SmartLoad system that enables efficient use of chamber space by creating four different levels with different vertical clearances to perfectly match the goods requiring reprocessing
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading – telescopic runners
  • All information visible at-a-glance on 3.5" display with flush controls with uninterrupted touch glass screen, with 40 program slots
  • Full glass door with integrated chamber lighting and automatic door lock
  • Includes a drain pump, heated boiler, steam condenser, chamber lighting, HEPA H14 filter for sterile drying air, printer and conductivity sensor
  • Offers RS232 port for connecting to a printer or PC.
PLW 86 Miele Lab Glassware Washer

Miele PLW 86 Series Large Chamber Washers:

  • Unsurpassed benefits of performance, ease of operation and long-term service for productive laboratories
  • Single/double door, 2' 11 7/16" (900 mm) wide, 12.40 (351) l usable capacity, Or, 3’ 9 1/4" (1,150 mm) wide, 12.40 (351) l usable capacity
  • Performance/cycle, e.g., 216 laboratory flasks, 588 vials, or 294 pipettes
  • New flexible and modular (SimpleLoad) racking system of accessories provides ultimate versatility and ensures correct, efficient loading of glassware for optimum results every time
  • Innovative 2-pump system for maximum performance: variable speed pump saves energy and enables circulation pressure and water consumption to adjust to any wash load
  • Recycling tank reuses final rinse water in a subsequent wash or pre-wash, shortens process cycle thus saving water and power
  • Reliable results as all models feature spray arm monitoring and a conductivity sensor that ensures the security and quality of the cleaning process
  • Excellent drying results with a powerful hot air dryer and HEPA 14 filter that reduces batch time and facilitates seamless process operations
  • Flush-fitted 7” control panel, with over 200 programs, designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use
  • Hygienic 1.4404/316L steel quality chamber, with three-color interior lighting allows the wash status to be seen at-a-glance from a distance
  • Perfect cleaning result with the use of ProCare Lab process chemicals.

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