Product News: Microplate products for high throughput Drug Discovery...

13 Sep 2007

Porvair Sciences Ltd. has announced its presence at a series of major autumn 2007 exhibitions where it will focus upon its comprehensive range of innovative microplate products for high throughput Drug Discovery.

Visitors to the inaugural ELRIG / SBS meeting (Nottingham, stand 38), RICH-MAC (Milan, stand B01), Biotechnica (Hannover, Hall 9 stand A18) and Scanlab (Stockholm) will be able to view the new Krystal-UV plate range. Available in 24-, 96- and 384-well formats, Krystal-UV plates offer excellent extended photometric performance down to 325nm making them a valuable tool for biomedical screening assays. To sweeten the way to trying a high quality 96-well or 384-well assay plate from their comprehensive range - Porvair is offering visitors to each show a sample pack of 4 plates plus a fifth solid Belgian chocolate plate absolutely free.

At these important meetings Porvair Sciences will also exhibit the MiniSeal™, an entry-level semi-automated thermal sealer developed for laboratories sealing small to medium batches of microplates. Designed for convenience, the compact MiniSeal only requires a single electrical outlet to operate. The need to site your thermal sealer near a compressed air source or a dedicated compressor is eliminated. Unlike hand-operated manual thermal sealers, the MiniSeal uses a pre-set sealing pressure to deliver highly reproducible plate seals time after time. The versatile device is capable of producing an accurate and tight seal on any SBS proposed standard, deep well or PCR microplate from 3 to 62mm in height.

For laboratories looking to remove the traditional drug discovery 'bottleneck' of solvent evaporation in 96-well microplates prior to analysis or reconstitution in buffer - Porvair Sciences' MiniVap™ sample concentrator will be of particular interest. The affordable MiniVap takes just minutes to dry down a plate. Compact in design the MiniVap will fit into any standard fume cupboard. The MiniVap is ideal for laboratories tasked with smaller numbers of individual plates. For medium to high throughput plate-sealing applications the TriSeal® is a versatile instrument designed to produce an accurate and tight seal on any SBS proposed standard microplate from 5 to 47mm in height. Offering adjustable temperature heat sealing from 50°C up to 185°C - TriSeal is able to operate optimally with most foil and film seals. Benefiting from a unique turntable design, which allows simultaneous loading, unloading and sealing TriSeal is able to achieve an unmatched plate sealing productivity of 12 plates per minute.

Porvair will also display their popular range of low volume 384-well plates. Providing a liquid capacity of just 30 microlitres per well each low volume 384-well plate is designed to enable screening laboratories to conserve valuable sample and reagents. Other products on display will include Porvair's comprehensive range of deep well plates.