Product News: Join the Early Access Program for Protein Fractionation with SageELF

14 May 2015

At ASMS this year, Sage Science will be showcasing its SageELF proteomic tool and accepting additional labs into its Early Access Program for the instrument. The SageELF performs automated 1D fractionation of proteins, generating 12 size fractions. The tool reduces complexity of a sample and increases sensitivity for detecting lower-abundance proteins.

Sage Science will have two poster presentations at ASMS demonstrating the SageELF for protein quantification and analysis. Poster ThP 339, “Total protein profiling employing a novel protein fractionation method combined with tandem mass tag labeling,” reports the results of a collaborative effort between scientists from Cell Signaling Technology and Sage Science. In it, they compared mass spec workflows using tandem mass tag labeling with and without automated fractionation on the SageELF using human gastric carcinoma cells.

A separate poster (ThP 596, “Enhanced detection of host-cell proteins in biotherapeutic preparations using preparative electrophoresis followed by LC – Ion Mobility – MS”) comes from researchers at Sage Science and Waters Corporation. In the poster, they report results from an investigation of whether automated protein fractionation boosts sensitivity of detection for host-cell proteins in biotherapeutics. The scientists used a murine monoclonal antibody with SageELF for preparative fractionation; analysis was performed with 1D nanoflow chromatography paired with a Waters SYNAPT G2-Si HDMS mass spectrometer.

To learn more or to sign up for the Early Access Program, please visit booth #16 in the exhibit hall.