Product News: INTEGRA’s pipetting solutions streamline workflows for Radix BioSolutions

06 Aug 2020

Contract research organization (CRO) Radix BioSolutions is using the entire span of INTEGRA pipetting products to streamline its workflows and increase reproducibility. Dr Kerry Oliver, President and CSO of Radix, explained: “Our services cover everything from quantifying biomarkers and reagent labeling services to the development and production of multiplexed assays, and we use INTEGRA products across our workflow.” 

Using a whole range of INTEGRA products offers a number of advantages, guaranteeing the same high quality across all instruments, as well as reducing the time taken to train on new platforms. “We started with just a couple of EVOLVE manual pipettes, and I instantly fell in love with them! Not only are they ergonomic, but you can change volumes quickly and easily. From there, we added the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes to our collection, which are perfect for transferring samples between labware with different spacing. We now also have both the VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette and the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, which we use in all stages of our service protocols, from sample prep and assay set-up to reagent addition. The range of options for these systems allows us to perform multiple tasks at the same time, and we use them in parallel – performing different parts of an assay to speed up our workflow and improve the overall process. This simply wouldn’t be possible with one larger pipetting system that would also take up a far larger footprint and cost considerably more. We have seen our day-to-day assay consistency improve since using the automation systems; our inter-assay CVs have dropped to below 10 % now, while the chance of missing wells is eliminated.”

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