Product News: HPLC 2009: Phenomenex Column Technologies for Speed and Selectivity

19 Jun 2009

Visit booth #55-57 to see new products for increasing HPLC speed and selectivity for a wide range of applications, including chiral separations and proteomics. In the technical program, look for Phenomenex presentations on separating and purifying chiral compounds.

Simplification of chiral separations has never been easier with Lux columns. Using a unique chlorinated amylose phase, Lux Amylose-2 brings broad selectivity, significantly increasing the successful separations of enantiomers. Lux Amylose-2 compliments the widely popular Lux Cellulose-2, which uses a novel chlorinated cellulose phase, and Lux Cellulose-1, which uses a powerful dimethyl cellulose phase. Together, the successful separation of various chiral compounds can easily be performed, from analytical scale to process purification.

Also new from Phenomenex are six new offerings in its Onyx™ monolithic HPLC column line, including a 150 X 0.05 mm ID choice for proteomics research. This column is optimized for the low flow-rate systems commonly used for LC/MS proteomics analysis and delivers high sensitivity for biomarker discovery. Other new Onyx column sizes include a 0.2 mm C18 column for higher flow rates, a 150 X .2 mm trapping column, a 150 x 0.1 C8 column and two ultra-high-resolution C18 columns at 100 and 200 mm IDs.

Additionally, Phenomenex will present widely used LC solutions:
- Gemini-NX columns for robust reversed phase separations
- Jupiter columns for protein and peptide separations
- Axia hardware for lab-scale purification with improved efficiencies and longer column lifetime

Poster Presentations
• The Changing Landscape of Chiral Separations and Purifications
Tuesday, 30 June
13:00 - 15:30