Product News: High resolution HPLC Separations with the TSK-GEL RPC/HILIC Portfolio

02 Apr 2007

Reversed Phase Chromatography is the method of choice, when it comes to separating small molecular weight compounds.

Tosoh Bioscience offers a comprehensive portfolio of TSK-GEL RPC columns also in 2 mm ID/1 mm ID columns and 2 µm particle materials with different chemistries to fit your daily needs. Complementary to this, Tosoh Bioscience offers its HILIC phase TSK-GEL Amide-80.

Highlights of the RP and HILIC portfolio:
  • Silica-based TSK-GEL RPC columns for modulation of retention. Recently developed are the 5 µm TSKgel ODS 100V and 100Z columns, with guard column system, managing the most complex sample mixtures, for use with your LC-MS system.
  • Silica-based TSK-GEL Super Series RPC (Super-ODS, Super-Octyl, Super-Phenyl) columns enable rapid analysis with high resolution at low backpressure. A high value column for method development, particularly for re-validation of old methods, for FDA-registration.
  • Polymer-based TSK-GEL RPC columns allow operation at basic pH where silica based columns have limited chemical stability.
  • TSKgel Amide-80 HILIC columns for separation of polar/hydrophilic compounds, combining the advantages of NPC with those of RP, without having to forgo the common RP eluents.

To find out more about our RPC and HILIC TSK-GEL columns order our TSK-GEL RPC column brochure contact us or visit the article webpage.