Product News: Hamilton Storage introduces new sample tubes to keep your automation systems running

The new tubes and racks promise long-term stability and uninterrupted operation in biobanking and compound storage applications

03 Mar 2020

Hamilton Storage has debuted its sample storage tubes and new RackWare racks at the recent SLAS 2020 International Conference & Exhibition. The tubes and racks offer hassle-free operation and stability in automated storage workflows. Long-term consistency in design will prevent needless disruptions, downtime, and potential incompatibility with automated storage systems. The consumables are optimized for use with all Hamilton Storage automated sample storage systems as well as robotic liquid handling platforms from Hamilton Company. They are also compatible with third-party automated storage and liquid handling systems.

The 96-format tubes are available in three of the most widely used volumes: 0.3 mL, 0.6 mL, and 1.0 mL. In addition to a low cap height to maximize available space, the tubes are internally threaded for stable processing with automated decappers such as Hamilton Storage’s LabElite product line. Unique 2D barcodes on the tube bottom facilitate the most accurate identification. The tubes are packaged in ANSI/SLAS compliant 96-sample RackWare racks that include lids as an extra protective safeguard along with 1D and 2D side rack barcodes.

Additionally, 2.0 mL tubes are available in 48-sample format with a choice of internal or external threads. Both options feature unique 2D barcodes on the tube bottom and are compatible with Hamilton Storage’s automated decappers. They are racked in lidded ANSI/SLAS compliant 48-sample RackWare racks that include the same barcoded areas and options as that found in the 96-sample racks.

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