Product News: Eppendorf expands centrifuge portfolio with Himac floor-standing centrifuges

New centrifuge options accommodate speeds up to 110,000 x g and capacities up to six liters

21 Jul 2021

Eppendorf acquired the Himac brand of centrifuges from the Japanese company Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., in 2020. Now, the first two floor-standing centrifuges – CR22N and CR30NX – are available for sale directly from Eppendorf. 

Eppendorf and Himac have 130 years of combined experience in centrifugation and share an innovative mindset, making Himac the perfect addition to the Eppendorf family of high quality centrifuges for solutions to all types of centrifugation challenges. The collective portfolio of microcentrifuges, benchtop multipurpose centrifuges, and floor-standing centrifuges supports a wide range of separation applications with an extensive selection of centrifuges, rotors, adapters, consumables, and service offerings.

The high-speed CR22N and CR30NX floor-standing centrifuges (up to 58,700 x g and 110,000 x g, respectively) along with their related rotors and consumables offer increased efficiency and throughput for processing up to six liters of cell culture in a single run, with flexible volumes to suit varying needs.

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