Product News: Bruker Introduces New Analytical Solutions and Scientific Instruments at Pittcon 2016

10 Mar 2016

At Pittcon 2016, Bruker is showcasing new products and analytical solutions for core Applied & Pharma markets, for our Nanoanalysis, Microscopy & Advanced Materials Research markets, as well as new after-market services and life-cycle support solutions for customers.

Applied and Pharmaceutical Markets

  • The new MATRIX™-MG series of high-performance gas analyzers offer automated, high precision and real-time monitoring of gas compounds based on infrared spectroscopy.
  • The new Honey Profiling module of the NMR FoodScreener™ has quickly gained acceptance by major global food analysis labs and honey-packers due to its unique capabilities to rapidly and cost-effectively detect adulteration, and mislabeling of content or origin. 
  • The latest update of the Wine Profiling module of the NMR FoodScreener™ provides a unique solution for the authentication, fraud detection and labeling compliance of high-value wines.
  • The new Bruker FUSION-SV 1.1 automated structure verification solution for small molecules in pharma and chemistry research integrates high-resolution, accurate mass ESI-QTOF mass spectrometry for automated chemical formula generation with NMR spectroscopy. 
  • Designed for the real-time analysis of chemical reactions under process conditions, the new InsightMR™ solution uses NMR flow-tube online monitoring to analyze and optimize chemical reactions. 

Nanoanalysis, Microscopy & Advanced Materials Research

  • The new Bruker SiBrickScan (SBS) is the first at-line FTIR instrument allowing for the quantification of interstitial Oxygen in complete Silicon bricks and ingots. 
  • The micro-XRF spectrometer M4 TORNADO™ offers new key capabilities for the analysis of multilayer materials as well as for the quantification at uneven surfaces, e.g. in powder samples.
  • The new Vutara™ 352 Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscope enables entirely new research functionality in super-resolution microscopy, including the ability to perform pair-correlation, co-location, cluster, and live-cell analysis with super resolution. 
  • The new MultiMode™ 8-HR AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) brings extensive capabilities for nanomechanics and higher speed imaging to the world’s highest resolution and most widely-used AFM.
  • The novel Contour™ CMM Dimensional Analysis System is the world’s first non-contact metrology system to perform simultaneous nanoscale height, surface texture, waviness and form measurements, as well as 3D coordinate measurements for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, all on one instrument. 

After-Market Services and Life-Cycle Support with LabScape™

As laboratories continue to optimize uptime, productivity and total cost of ownership, the Bruker BioSpin Group introduces a new, flexible approach to instrument life-cycle management, maintenance and service - the new LabScape™ concept. 


Frank Laukien, Ph.D., the President and CEO of Bruker Corporation, commented: “At Pittcon 2016, Bruker continues its Innovation with Integrity tradition, offering novel products that push the boundaries of performance for enabling our research customers around the world, while also focusing on unique, high value analytical solutions for our applied markets and pharma customers.  Our Bruker NANO Group is launching an exciting range of powerful products or enhancements for leading-edge nano-materials and cell biology research, as well as for high-performance elemental analysis and metrology.  Finally, we continue to invest in more comprehensive and flexible customer life-cycle management and service solutions.”