Product News: BrandTech Introduces New Liquid Handler for Cell Culture

Visit BrandTech at Booth 336 to see new Liquid Handling Station flow pipetting robot

25 Jan 2019

At the SLAS 2019 conference, Washington D.C., USA, BrandTech will be showcasing their new product for advancing cell culture workflows: The Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot. They will also be displaying additional products from the liquid handling portfolio, including BRAND® liquid handling products and life science consumables; VACUUBRAND vacuum pumps; VITLAB volumetric plastics; BLAUBRAND volumetric glassware; and BOCHEM stainless steel support jacks.


  • The Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot is BRAND’s go to for standard automated pipetting tasks such as PCR set up, serial dilution, cherry picking and more. It is a quiet and compact instrument with a unique front door allowing it be set up in tight quarters. The instrument has 7 working positions and 5 available liquid ends with single channel volumes up to 1000uL and multichannel volumes up to 300uL.


  • The Liquid Handling Station flow is BRAND’s pipetting robot for applications where samples must be protected from particles and microorganisms. The new FlowBox directs the filtered air flow in laminar, horizontal layers across the consumables on the worktable. With the door closed, the air volume inside the cabinet is replaced 260 times per hour and exits through openings in the front door.