Product News: Boost workflow efficiency and flexibility with the next generation of Resolvex A200 positive pressure processors

These automated solutions have been designed to offer time savings and improved throughput whilst still providing great reproducibility and robustness

28 Feb 2023

Tecan has announced the launch of the Resolvex® A200 Omics and Resolvex A200 24, the next generation of Resolvex A200 positive pressure processors. The Resolvex A200 is a standalone system for automated positive pressure sample preparation. These instruments boast unique capabilities to address unmet workflow needs and improve the flexibility and efficiency of the sample preparation process.

The Resolvex A200 Omics incorporates a HEPA filter and a fully enclosed environment to reduce airborne particulates – like dust and keratin – minimizing the possibility of sample contamination in highly sensitive mass spectrometry workflows.

The Resolvex A200 24 is compatible with larger format sample prep consumables – including 3 and 6 mL columns, as well as 24-well plates – to accommodate larger volume samples. The system is also available with a number of cleverly designed accessories and adapters that allow users to run more workflows, such as giga-sized nucleic acid purification (NAP) methods.

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