Product News: BioTek Unveils Enhancements to 405 TS Washer

02 Jul 2019

BioTek Instruments continues to improve laboratory workflows while simplifying the user experience with the launch of their next generation 405 TS Microplate Washer. With new capabilities, 405 TS provides even more time-saving convenience and value for applications such as cell-based assays, ELISAs, bead washing and more.

Updated software allows the user to define a specific volume to remain in the wells after aspiration and a fully adjustable regulator enables fine-tuning of the vacuum pressure, protecting fragile cell layers and spheroids from disruption. Once created via the user-friendly touchscreen interface, protocols may be password-protected to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes, and quickly recalled for use. When integrated with BioTek’s BioStack™ Microplate Stacker, 405 TS displays the plate number in process and remaining overall processing time for all plates in the stack.

The new updates add to existing, advanced 405 TS features that enable any laboratory to operate at increased efficiency, including Verify™ technology to identify manifold tube blockages and report suspected clogs, and patented Ultrasonic Advantage™ for thorough, automated and hands-free manifold cleaning.

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