Product News: Bioo Scientific Showcases Solutions Designed to Improve Exome Capture at ASHG 2015

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08 Oct 2015

Bioo Scientific is launching a number of new kits at ASHG 2015 designed to improve in-solution exome and custom target capture. These complete solutions offer optimized library prep, blocking and barcoding, interfacing with Agilent SureSelect XT and XT2 systems and Roche’s Nimblegen SeqCap systems. ASHG 2015, the largest human genetics meeting and expo worldwide, provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge science in all areas of human genetics.

The NEXTflex™ Rapid Pre-Capture Combo Kit is a complete low-input library prep solution with the ability to multiplex up to 96 samples, working seamlessly with Roche NimbleGen’s SeqCap EZ solution-based capture system. With the optimized workflow, libraries can be constructed from as little as 10 ng of input DNA in only 2 hours at a fraction of the cost of the library prep kits offered by Roche. Up to 96 ready to use barcodes and blockers allow for deep multiplexing of target capture reactions, greatly decreasing sequencing costs.

NEXTflex™ Pre- and Post- Capture Combo Kits are also available for use with both the Agilent SureSelectXT2 and SureSelectXT target capture systems. These kits are complete Illumina-compatible library prep solutions containing all reagents required upstream and downstream of probe hybridization to prepare sequence-ready, multiplexed capture libraries compatible with all SureSelect bait sets. These kits offer a number of advantages over the competition, including a faster library prep protocol to produce libraries with higher percentages of on-target reads, more robust amplification and better coverage.

All of these kits incorporate Bioo Scientific’s proprietary Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology, which offers the highest ligation efficiency available, resulting in longer and more diverse sequencing reads. Bioo Scientific’s robust enzymes ensure the highest quality libraries for superior target enrichment and performance.