Product News: BioAssay Works®, LLC Develops Rapid Assay Based Detection Technologies and their Application in Lateral-Flow Immunoassay

08 Jul 2009

BioAssay Works®, LLC develops rapid assay based detection technologies and their application in lateral-flow immunoassay, for both instrument- based and visually read tests. The company has substantial novel technology in production of unique, high-sensitivity gold sols and gold conjugates, and has its own patented lateral-flow test platform.
The proprietary concentrated gold nanoparticles are supplied at 15 OD to 50 OD. The BioAssay Works process avoids the routine gold sol boiling and centrifugation process to produce uniform monomer particles optimized for ultra-sensitive lateral-flow rapid assays.

The company has developed numerous assays, including many for pathogens of interest such as bio-threats, food and environmental testing. BioAssay Works also offers custom conjugation services, gold conjugate ribbon and assay development services.

Two novel kits are offered. A rapid format isotyping kit is available that permits class, subclass and monoclonal antibody purity testing in a five-minute easy-to-use procedure and a gold conjugation kit that produces gold conjugates in less than one hour.