Product News: Beckman Coulter, Inc showcases latest products at Analytica 2008

25 Feb 2008

At Analytica 2008, visit Beckman Coulter, Inc. in Area A3, Booth 201/302 to see the latest products in automation, cellular analysis and centrifugation. Highlights include:

PARADIGM™ Detection Platform - Cisbio has awarded its homogenous time-resolved fluorescence (HTRF*) certification to the PARADIGM™ Detection Platform. Cisbio’s certification verifies that the detection platform meets or exceeds performance criteria for HTRF assays. A new HTRF detection cartridge is now available for the unique, modular PARADIGM platform, bringing the growing total selection to 10. These detection cartridges can be interchanged in less than five minutes to meet different assay needs.

PARADIGM is the first user-upgradeable and -configurable multimode reader - ideal for labs with multiple users and applications. The high-throughput detector reads on the fly, in formats from 6 to 1,536 wells. Cisbio’s patented HTRF technology is incorporated into a growing selection of assays and reagents for drug discovery and screening. These popular assays produce superior results and are easily miniaturised and automated.

BioRAPTR FRD™ microfluidic workstation - comes in two configurations, tandalone and integrated with Beckman Coulter’s new PARADIGM™ Detection Platform, Biomek® NXp liquid handler and BRT Robotic Transport. With the addition of the BioRAPTR low-volume workstation, Beckman Coulter’s automation capabilities span the complete range of volumes, from tubes to microplates to 3,456-well ChemLib* plates. Ideal for assay miniaturization applications in drug discovery, genomics and proteomics, the BioRAPTR non-contact, high-precision dispenser delivers increased capacity and speed along with reduced reagent and consumable costs.

Vi-CELL™ XR Cell Viability Analyser - Beckman Coulter announces the successful integration of its Vi-CELL™ XR Cell Viability Analyser with Biomek® Laboratory Automation Workstations and other devices for real-time cellular imaging in a walk-away system for cell culture settings. Integrated automation adds flexibility to the application of the Vi-CELL instrument, from basic cellular research through drug development and scale up, and even into pharmaceutical manufacturing quality control. The Vi-CELL XR (extended range) measures the viability of cells and counts them in minutes, using the widely accepted Trypan Blue cell viability tissue culture protocol. The instrument measures 15 to 30 times more volume than competitive systems in the same amount of time, with a more comprehensive array of parameters. The automated, integrated solution monitors cell growth over time.

High-Throughput Cellular Analysis - Beckman Coulter integrates its Cell Lab Quanta SC MPL into a fully automated “seed and feed” cell culture system. The integrated system provides data and cellular growth parameters for the evaluation of clone selection, cell expansion and protein expression results. The Quanta SC MPL is integrated online with other peripheral devices and a robotic arm that moves cell culture plates to the flow cytometer for analysis. Data from the analysis is automatically captured by the Quanta SC MPL’s software for real-time and subsequent analysis and interpretation.

The ability to integrate this advanced flow cytometer provides an expanded range of measurements for high-throughput, walkaway cell analyses, including such as cell count and viability, apoptosis, cell cycle and cell surface marker. The system, designed and customised by Beckman Coulter’s Integrated Solutions Group, delivers important measurement data for monitoring and process optimisation in drug discovery and development applications.

Optima™ MAX-XP benchtop ultracentrifuge - delivers fast run times of up to 150,000 RPM (2,500 revolutions per second) and is exceptionally quiet – producing only half the sound power of other benchtop models. A new MLA-150 fixed-angle rotor for the Optima MAX-XP has a low k-factor for rapid separation of small volume samples such as subcellular particles, viruses and proteins.

The Optima MAX-XP features redesigned software with significant ease-of-use enhancements. The user interface is intuitive and customisable with control via a full-colour touch screen. Optional remote monitoring and control of the system is also available. Users can easily switch between RPM and RCF modes. Important data, including detailed run histories, can be easily exported through a USB port. The software supports 21 CFR Part 11, GLP and GMP compliance and new user ID and login features provide important lab management tools.

Delsa™Nano Series Particle Analyzer - now being shipped. The new instruments perform zeta potential and particle size analysis on the same sample. The systems are designed to deliver accurate size measurement on particles ranging from 0.6 nm to 7 µm. The DelsaNano is also designed to measure the zeta potential of concentrated material and solid flat surfaces such as films, paper and glass. It is ideal for any liquid application, including pharmaceuticals, water treatment, paints, paper and petrochemicals. Beckman Coulter offers two models – the DelsaNano S for particle size analysis and the DelsaNano C for size and zeta potential measurement of particles in liquid suspension or zeta potential measurement of solid surfaces. An optional Auto Titrator is easily integrated for pH adjustment of the sample.