Product News: Andor to Present its Range of Modular Micro-Spectroscopy Detection Solutions at Analytica 2010

17 Mar 2010

Andor’s modular Micro-Spectroscopy detection solutions are based around its highly versatile, research-grade Shamrock spectrographs, exclusive NewtonEM Electron-Multiplying CCDs and Wide Aperture Slit.

The combination of instruments offers a unique platform for ultra-fast yet highly sensitive spectroscopy, while the Wide Aperture Slit enhances the set-up capabilities by also allowing imaging of the sample through the same optical path from the microscope, meaning that only one single detector is required.

Andor will also display the new iXonEM Blue EMCCD (Electron Multiplying CCD) camera. This latest addition to Andor’s family of low light imaging cameras is based around a blue-enhanced variant of a popular 512x512 back-illuminated EMCCD sensor, and is engineered to deliver up to greater than 20% additional sensitivity to blue wavelength photons.