Product News: Analytik Jena US Release a New High Sensitivity Imaging System for Gels and Western Blots

03 Apr 2017

Analytik Jena US announces the release of the new UVP ChemStudio touch western blot and gel imaging system. The UVP ChemStudio touch is a stand-alone, touch screen operated imager with a small footprint, to maximize laboratory bench space.

With 50 years of experience in imaging, weve been able to design a versatile system for any lab performing proteomic and genomic applications. says Sarah Chaudhury, Product Manager at Analytik Jena US. UVP ChemStudio series imagers are used for high sensitivity imaging of Western blots, fluorescent Westerns, immunoblots, protein blots, DNA gels, protein gels, blue light gels, colony plates and a wide range of stains and dyes. No film is required for imaging. In addition to the stand-alone system, an external computer operated system is available on the UVP ChemStudio, for those laboratories with particular IT/computer requirements.

Advanced technical specifications and capabilities

High resolution and light sensitivity is achieved with an 8.1 megapixel camera and an f/0.95 lens for maximum light capture and quick exposure speeds. The imagers are also available with an economical 4.1 MP camera.

With the addition of accessories and lighting filters, the UVP ChemStudio imagers are expanded to perform a wide range of applications.  In addition to standard LEDS for overhead white and blue excitation, the system is designed for field upgrades to add red and green LEDs for multiplex applications. UVP Visi-White LED Plates are easily plugged in, for Coomassie blue, Silver Stains, etc. Use a UVP Visi-Blue Converter Plate for blue excitation applications, including GelGreen and SYBR Green (460-470nm).

Compatible with UVP eLITE Light Source for overhead excitation from 400-800nm wavelengths. This accessory uses a Xenon light engine technology, for uniform and high-intensity lighting, across the full range of Technicolor applications. 

The full package VisionWorks Acquisition and Analysis Software is for use on an external computer and has several features for quantitative analysis and report generation. 1D quantitation, area density and colony counting analysis. Reports are created showing extensive analysis results including Molecular Weight (MW), Rf, band intensities and area density calculations. Data can be exported to Excel.

Designed for laboratory efficiency and ease-of-use

An integrated 13.3 inch, wide touch-screen computer, allows clear visuals of faint bands and finer details of images. Multi-tasking is easier to perform on a wide screen, requiring multiple windows and files. Large and visible icons on the VisionWorks touch Software, increases accessibility for improved and efficient workflow. Additionally, the computer has 500GB of hardware capacity to store large amounts of images, application presets and data. 7 USB ports are available for the use of keyboard, mouse and other accessories. A stylus is included for simple and precise control.

The darkroom features a Thin-Line Transilluminator in a slide-out tray, with uniform and high-intensity UV lighting in a compact form. A wide maximum illuminated imaging area of 21 x 17cm, allows imaging of multiple blots, of various sizes. The Thin-Line Transilluminator is designed with long-life UV lamps, for minimum service requirements, independent from the number of times the transilluminator is turned on/off. Thin UV lamp technology is instant-on with a need for warm-up to provide high intensity and uniform lighting. A UV intensity switch low/high is included for optimal radiation for documentation or for preparative work.

Automation features, drastically improve workflow in laboratories

Image capture and enhancement is automated with application based icons, for quick selection of various gel and blot applications. Custom application icons can be created for particular research needs. This ensures that a large range of application settings are saved for various researchers performing experiments on one imaging system. A software controlled five-position filter wheel, in a slide-out tray, allows for simple changeover, to various emission wavelengths. All systems include unlimited copies of the full package VisionWorks Acquisition and Analysis Software, with extensive quantitation and analysis features. 

History of outstanding service and support

Dedicated application and technical service teams are always available to provide customized service and support. Internal hardware, including camera, lens and computer is field accessible for troubleshooting and repairs. IQ/OQ (Installation and Qualification) Documents and on-site support can be purchased.