Product News: Akoya Biosciences unveils spatial biology platform to enable rapid image analysis and secure data sharing

The Proxima spatial analysis software solution integrates image acquisition to data analysis in the secure cloud for rapid access by any user

23 Sep 2020

Akoya Biosciences, Inc., The Spatial Biology Company™, has announced the availability of Proxima™, The Spatial Biology Platform™ to integrate rapid image acquisition and secure data sharing in the cloud with immediate access from anywhere for geographically distributed and remote teams, including those working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new Proxima software-based platform accelerates biomarker discovery workflows across boundaries, providing access up to 30 times faster than conventional file-sharing. As the fastest path from slides to spatial analysis, this capability increases the speed of collaboration and biomarker discovery.

“The speed of our new Proxima platform is a significant leap forward, unlocking the full potential of spatial biology studies and meeting an unmet need for instant access to files for both co-located and globally dispersed research communities,” said Brian McKelligon, CEO of Akoya. “Akoya’s spatial biology platforms are driving the rapid advancement of digital pathology, and now with Proxima, we are providing a connective, next-generation image analysis and data management solution that has the agility to accommodate and adapt to the continued growth in big data.”

Proxima is designed to allow users to visualize and analyze whole slide, multiplexed immunofluorescence images generated by Akoya’s Phenoptics™ platform. The software will soon be expanded to visualize and analyze ultra-high plex images generated by Akoya’s CODEX® platform, enabling an integrated, flexible, and scalable solution from discovery to translational and clinical research.

Proxima, the Spatial Biology Platform, is a core component of Akoya’s end-to-end solution for spatial biology. It is designed to integrate with commonly-used desktop tissue analysis software, such as InForm, to accelerate multispectral analysis in the cloud. As a software-based platform, Proxima has the flexibility to support optional hybrid approaches as user requirements evolve in the future.

Researchers can continue to operate existing workflows locally without disruption and seamlessly transition to secure cloud workflows when it is time to collaborate across organizational boundaries. User access to study data is controlled with the ability to invite collaborators as needed and define their data access permissions on a per-study basis. Proxima, which uses open data formats and includes an API for customization, provides a more efficient way to organize and search study data, regardless of location or scale.

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