Product News: Bruker mmc2014 Presentation to Highlight New Technology for Multipoint Confocal Imaging

17 Jun 2014

Bruker will host a free workshop at this year’s Microscience Microscopy Congress in Manchester, UK, entitled ‘Opterra---the New Way of Multipoint Confocal Imaging’. The presentation, which will take place Tuesday July 1st at 4.30pm, highlights Bruker’s Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope, and its applications in life sciences research.

Traditionally, a multi-pinhole confocal is the device of choice for live cell imaging experiments. The higher scan speeds and the use of higher quantum efficiency detectors result in much reduced photo bleaching and photo toxicity, keeping your sample alive.

The current standard in multi-pinhole confocal microscopes suffers from a lack of flexibility in choosing the optimal pinhole size for a given objective magnification and results in a trade off in either resolution or signal. Bruker’s innovative Opterra uniquely delivers multi-pinhole confocal imaging with a choice of 3 different pinhole sizes and 4 different slit sizes to allow optimization of your experimental set-up for increased spatial or temporal resolution with just the click of a button. Our patented optical design even allows for unique multi-pinhole spectral detection, which enables researchers to acquire 15 spectral channels at speeds of up to 4 frames per second with very high sensitivity. In addition, for studying protein dynamics the Opterra can be extended with a flexible photo-manipulation scanner that allows both single and multi photon simultaneous manipulation.

Workshops are free to all visitors at mmc2014 to attend. You won’t need to pre-register, just make sure you turn up on time to ensure you have a seat.